2018 Stewardship Campaign

We are in a time of transition here at Faith Presbyterian Church. The season of transition in our congregational life is an opportunity for us to look backward at where we've been, but more importantly, to look ahead at how God is leading us forward. When we asked the church "when we work and worship together, what brings us joy?", the simplest and most profound answers are summed up in one word...connections. There is joy in the connections we have at Faith. 

Once again, it is that time when we are reminded of our stewardship call, and the church begins to plan ahead for next year's programs, expenses, and ministries. We encourage you to ask the following question: What brings true joy, not just happiness or contentment, in your spiritual life? Then think about the ways in which you are connected to Faith Presbyterian Church, and prayerfully consider how you can financially support those joyful connections. With God's help, maybe you can increase your commitment form this past year.

Our 2018 campaign will be running through October and November. We are asking each family to make a financial pledge as they feel led. Please complete and return the card you received in the mail (pictured below) as soon as possible. Then join us in a joyful celebration of our stewardship gifts during worship on Sunday, November 18th.